How can I book a shooting?

First, decide on a date. Then just text me :)

You can use a contact form on this website or email me directly:

If you feel more comfortable with using WhatsApp or other messengers, welcome: +3 365 140 20 20.

Otherwise, contact me on social networks:

Once you agree to all conditions, the next step will be a prepayment for 30% of a shooting cost. 

How to prepare for the shooting?

If you have some ideas for the photos, tell me for sure. If you have none, tell me too — we will come up with something special for you.


Send me your looks some days before the shooting. We will decide together what will fit perfectly to the locations and shooting idea. 


Try to sleep well the day before. Good mood is the best you can bring with you. 


And don't forget your transport pass or you can just take some tickets with you :)

I never had a photo session and I don't know how to pose. Is it a problem?

My main goal of being your photographer is to make you feel comfortable. My photos reveal who people really are; I am trying to catch live emotions. 


So, less uncomfortable and long posing, more fun and comfort. And, of course, if you need some help, I will guide you :)

Are there any requirements to dress up?

Oh, yes!


We will choose clothes together, but there are some tips:

- basic colours and no more than three colours for all participants of the shooting;

- clothes should be without prints and decorations;

- style of clothes depends on the shooting concept or idea, but it must be the same for all participants.


These are basic style rules for good pictures. They can change because of the concept, mood or specifics of shooting. 

How many locations are realistic for a one-hour shooting?

Only one location or one district in Paris.

What time of the day do you advise?

It's better to shoot in the early morning — more gorgeous light, fewer people near locations. That helps me to provide a good quality of the photos, and you — to feel yourself comfortable.


If planning the photo session in this time is impossible for you, just tell me, we'll find another solution.

How many photos I will receive?

You will receive all the photos I made during the shooting. 


And, of course, retouched photographs. Their number will not be less than 30 photos for one-hour shooting. 

How long will you process my photos?

7 business days.

I want to order a photo book. What do I need to do for that?

Choose 30 photos you like the most, then send me their numbers. When we decide with the book's size and type, I will start working for one. 

Have a question?

Don't be shy :)