Playing With Contrasts | Sicily Pt. 2

Hello :)


This is the second part of my story about Sicily. The first part you can read here

Here we go!


Catania is situated on foothills of Mount Etna. And that's why it was our important point on the way to see the volcano.  


The city is crowded as for the Sicily and has a long history (was founded in 729 BC). 


The second half of the 17th century was a tragic period for the city the city: there was a strong eruption of Etna in 1669 and most of the houses were buried under a layer of lava and ash. 25 years have passed and Catania was again destroyed by an earthquake. That's why the city is mostly built with lava and light limestone. Feeling very emotional while touching the monuments and building from that time.



Monastero dei Benedettini — one of the main symbols of Catania. It was built in the 14th century, has survived after a number of eruptions, and now it's a university. The most impressive of walking through its corridors was a 12-meters wall of lava, what was stopped once right near the monastery. 


And that's not all. There you can see Greek and Rome villas right in the university library. So I must say Monastery is a must-visit place. 


The Etna Volcano

Wow! That was my first and only word while being there.


All you see around is dead, black or red because of lava. If something grows somewhere, that means an eruption there was more than 1000 years ago. Breathtaking view and one of the powerful emotions of my life!


Exploring routes, hills, forest and park ourselves was the right choice. First of all, it's cheaper than the official guide. Second, it's more exciting. You walk for two hours and then two hours back to see the most stunning views and eat the tastiest sandwiches in your life ^^



The most beautiful city I've seen in Sicily. It's small, calm and full of exciting food :)


Syracuse's markets are must visit. If you want to buy and cook some seafood and cheese, be sure it's the right place. 

Another pleasure is dried tomatoes: we bought 5 kg of them, they were so good! 


Gela & Agrigento

Gela is a little town near the sea. It has a history, somewhen it was the main polis of Sicily.

But actually, not much interesting stuff to see there, but the real life of Sicily without tourists.



Agrigento was the last city we visited. It is very charismatic with its typical buildings and old сourtyards. 

Greek temples near the city need special attention. Better to go there for all day, it's a huge area. The temples survived the best way compared to others one outside Greece.