Playing With Contrasts | Sicily Pt. 1

Sicily is a wonderful world between two awesome cultures — African and Italian. And if you look for something extremely new to see and feel in Europe, welcome to Sicily.


All shoots were made by smartphone Meizu M3 Note.


The most unclean Sicily town, which I was lucky to visit. BUT really the most charismatic.

So, imagine you are going through the streets. You turn right and see a huge calm park ideal to relax or have lunch, turn left — weird places with actually weird guys, who start call you in Italian. And tons of rubbish, of course. But I must say that didn't cross out my positive impression of the city.



If you want to swim or explore some beaches, Palermo is not that kind of place. But you may find great coast places in 10 km from the city.

A super great advantage are prices. Comparatively to other touristic places in Europe (for example, Paris or Rome) the prices are totally lower. Coffee and croissant for 1.5 euros? It's not a dream.

You may also rent an apartment in the city center for about 30 euros. We paid 26 euros for a 2-room place in the heart of the city (but I think it depends on of the season).



Very calm and nice place to chill, for example, in the bar with the stormy sea view. 

Cefalu was the first (but not the last) luxury place we visited in Sicily. Prices are getting higher and problem with the cheap places to stay at night as well.



Rocca di Cefalu — right place to climb if you usually like to or just want to explore the stunning view of the town. The height is about 500 m, it's not so easy to go up, I must tell. But it's worth it!


You can also find there ruins dated with the 4-5 centuries AD — Temple of Diana and others.




Not a touristic place, no beaches, no open coast. The city of ports because of the ferries from Italy.

Italian coast is simply viewed from the higher points of the town (actually, we rent a room with such terrace) ^^



Luxury place with looong history (as other Sicilian towns and villages). It was founded in 5th century AD by Greek and is situated on the rock.

We were "lucky" of no knowing there is a lift :) So we had "nice" walk upward. Thanks for staying alive ^^


And at the foot of the rock there is Isola Bela, exciiiiting and beautiful island and coast! Love to eat sandwiches in such places :)



All the town we walked in one evening. The atmosphere is great there, awesome view and so-and-so.

Just look on the photos ^^



Ancient theater of Taormina — the second biggest Greek theater in Sicily (after theater in Syracuse). Was built in 3rd century BC. Impressive place.

From the top you may see Etna, but it was not our lucky day because of the clouds.